Don't Let Criminal Charges Take Away Your Freedom

If you have you been charged with a criminal offense and don't know what to do, you should know that attorney Robert S. Greenberg can help you get through this difficult and confusing time. Contact us when you need an emergency consultation.

Experience on Which You Can Rely

  • All misdemeanors
  • All felonies
  • Domestic battery
  • Assault and battery
  • Expungement
  • Sex crimes
    • Sex crimes against minors
    • Sexual abuse
    • Rape
    • Prostitution
    • Solicitation
    • Predatory criminal sexual assault
  • Drug charges
  • Weapon charges
    • Concealed weapons
    • Gun charges
    • Unlawful use of weapons
  • Burglary and thefts
  • Traffic
  • DUI/ DWI/ drunk driving
  • Probation / parole violations